Designed with a focus on efficiency, Emerson EcoMotor ceiling fans reduce energy consumption by 40 percent and cost less than a penny an hour to operate. In addition, Eco fans drive a higher degree blade pitch more effectively and use a maximum 33 watts of electricity to provide some of the best airflows on the market.



At Emerson, we don't believe that reducing energy consumption has to compromise power. That's why our EcoMotor uses a consistently charged magnetic field, allowing this environmentally-friendly power house to move an impressive amount of air using 5 times less energy than what is needed to operate a standard ceiling fan motor.



EcoMotor ceiling fans are designed with state-of-the-art built-in electronics that use an optic sensor to adjust RPM (rotation per minute) to allow the motor to set the optimal six speeds for fans ranging from 42 to 72 inches in span. For your convenience, every EcoMotor fan includes a 6-speed control so you can create custom airflows in your home year-round.


Quiet Operation

The DC (direct current) EcoMotor lacks the sinusoidal wave noise of AC (alternating current) motors. The compact construction of the Emerson EcoMotor allows it to be acoustically quiet, virtually eliminating motor noise.



Emerson's EcoMotor runs cooler than standard motors, leading to longer bearing life and increased efficiency. The motor also eliminates the need for potentially faulty capacitors, allowing for a long, trouble-free motor lifespan.



We’ve designed Eco ceiling fans to match your unique style. For modern homes check out our top contemporary sellers such as the Aira Eco, Midway Eco and Luxe Eco. Going for a timeless look? Try the traditional Avant Eco. And for those whose tastes falls somewhere in between, check out our transitional designs, like the Portland Eco, Laclede Eco and Carrera Grande Eco. Love to accessorize? Add an Emerson lkGLO Series L.E.D. light fixture to any adaptable fan and enjoy even more savings and style.


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