Designs come to life

Inspiration for our products can come from anywhere, and that's why we always keep our ears and eyes open, looking for the next best thing. Whether it's a designer clothing line in Milan or a new automobile innovation from Japan that inspires us, our design are always created with quality, beauty, and sophistication in mind.


Designs come to life


Energy Efficiency

Ceiling fans are enjoyable in any season, and with Emerson fans, it can cost you less to keep the rooms in your home more comfortable. Using a ceiling fan during warm weather can save you up to 40% on air conditioning bills, and in the winter months, it will push down the hot air at the ceiling, allowing you to set your thermostat lower, save on heating cost and feel comfortable.

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We were the first

In 1890, Emerson created the world's first alternating current electric fan motor. Since then the goal has been to keep perfecting and refining our products with the highest quality materials and construction. Now, 125 years later, we are still setting the industry standard with high quality, versatile and timeless ceiling fans to work with any design aesthetic - indoors or out.



Summer ComfortWinter Comfort
  • Fans spins counter-clockwise
  • Fan spins clockwise
  • Cools by creating a "wind chill" effect                            
  • Recirculates heat from ceiling to the living area below
  • Saves on air conditioning bills
  • Saves on heating bills

Energy costs are always on the rise, and ceiling fans can help you save in a huge way. Emerson fans are continually being updated to produce powerful airflow while remaining energy efficient. According to a California utility company, it only cost about a penny an hour to run a ceiling fan, where the same hour of central air conditioning will run you about 43c. At that rate, your Emerson fan will pay for itself in no time.

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